Ara Mai Nuku: Rise up from the earth Māori ceramic art exhibition
Whakawhanaunga/Nurturing Relations installation. (L-R); Ipu Whenua me Ipu Pito by Rhonda Halliday, Whakawhanaunga/Nurturing Relations by Dorothy Waetford, Whakawhanaunga: Ipu Whenua by Noelle Jakeman. All unfired works.

21 February – 15 March 2020


Members of Ngā Kaihanga Uku present Ara Mai Nuku: Rise up from the Earth, which contributes to the ‘Fired Up: Festival of Ceramics’ as part of the New Zealand Festival of the Arts 2020. Featuring new work from Baye Riddell, Wi Taepa, Carla Ruka and Amorangi Hikuroa, the exhibition also includes two group installations of unfired works by Todd Douglas, Noelle Jakeman, Rhonda Halliday, Ida Edwards and Dorothy Waetford.

Ngā Kaihanga Uku are a collective of Māori artists who aspire to develop ceramic work from a Māori world view.


Ara Mai Nuku as a metaphor alludes to a path rising up from the earth; a broad cultural reference to the past, present and future wellbeing of ceramics as a contemporary form of creative expression for Māori.

Ara Mai Nuku: Rise up from the Earth presents the idea of clay as a medium for the expression of Māori culture and identity – a growing legacy and continuum that speaks now and into the future.


Curated by Dorothy Waetford

Ara Mai Nuku is part of the Fired Up: festival of ceramics.

Fired Up: festival of ceramics
 is a celebration of ceramics across the Wellington region to coincide with the NZ Festival, Friday 21 February — Sunday 15 March 2020.