Diane Prince

Te Uri o Hau, Ngāti Whatua, Ngāpuhi


Diane Prince is an Ōtaki artist who has been exhibiting her art works since 1986. As a veteran of Māori protest action, Diane’s art work extended criticism of the historical, political and social structures of this country to art galleries throughout Aotearoa, upholds the power of Māori women and decries Māori cultural and environmental despoilation.


Widely known as a sculptor and visual artist, Diane’s work has been included in major exhibitions of contemporary Māori art, including Māori Art Today (1986-7), Mana Tiriti: The Art of Protest and Partnership, Korurangi: New Māori Art (1995) and Patua: Māori Art in Action (1996).


While outwardly political, Māori weaving is the foundation and structure of her creative practice. In her large-scale mixed media installations and drawings to smaller scale sculptures, Diane draws inspiration from the mātauranga of te whare pora and employs Māori weaving materials and techniques to represent the connectedness of communities bound by a shared cause.


A tutor at Te Wānanga o Raukawa since 2000, Diane’s weaving is experimental in form, incorporates a variety of materials and shows a particular interest in open weaving techniques.


Through the course of her Master of Māori Visual Arts in 2011, Diane has also developed meticulous mind map drawings and paintings, which document and reflect on her experiences in oppressive power systems and incorporate various elements of Māori weaving history.


Recent exhibitions:

Wahine Māori: The Art of Resistance 2022, NorthArt, Auckland.

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