Ngā Hua ō Hineraumati

Muka, harakeke, huruhuru tūi, ngā waitae o te taiao: raurekau, paru, kōrari

800 x 900mm


by Hinepūororangi Tahupārae

Ngāti Raukawa, Ngā Tukorehe


This kākahu is an acknowledgement and celebration of the beautiful taonga that Hineraumati shares with Te Whare Pora in her warm embrace over Pāpatuanuku.


When the Kōrari bursts into flower this heralds the start of those warmer months to come. A plentiful source of food for our many manu also providing a palette of warm hues for the weaver that you can see on the muka kaupapa and hukahuka. All derived from the tall, majestic stance of Kōrari within our pa harakeke.


Tama-nui- te-ra is captured in the rich gold that is hidden in the kiri of our Raurekau which has been adorned on this kakahu by the ngore to remember the long summer evenings spent fishing on our awa and moana.


The wispy korokoro Tūī (Throat feathers) are woven to remember the many voices the Tul chorus, with the arrival of Hineraumati. If you listen carefully, they are quite distinctive as the seasons change and at times haunting in the early hours of the morning to when the last whisp of light disappears in the evening farewelling the day they have celebrated with Hineraumati.