Te Puawai o Rata


Cotton and wool

850 x 970 mm


by Tracey Patete

Ngāti Koata, Ngāti Kuia, Ngāti Raukawa, Ngāti Toarangatahi 


I like exploring and combining non-traditional materials with traditional techniques. The materials used in the weaving of this ngore are a variety of cottons and wools that I have sourced over a period of years. / The blossoming Rata is not a regular event and when they do appear it’s a carpet of red on the canopy of the forest, which can be see from great distances. / Kahu Ngore are not often seen. These pompom innovatons of the paheke techniques are visually dramatic and were generally created with red wool obtained from unravelling knitted clothing. / I have also incorporated the Poka shaping technique so when worn this kahu will embrace the wearer. / The bands of brown whenu represent the growth of the Rata firstly as a vine before overcoming the host tree to become another tree itself. The old kaumatua trees can be over 1000 years old and when blossoming, is a food source for tūī, kaka, pekapeka and pī.


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